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FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.
FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.

Walk In Chicken Run

The Omlet Walk In Chicken Run is perfect for keeping your chickens safe while giving them lots of extra space to run around in. Our durable runs incorporate a predator resistant skirt around the perimeter and the green welded wire blends in nicely with your garden.

Omlet Walk In Chicken Runs

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2 year manufacturer's warranty

2 x 2 x 12 x 3 x 12 x 2 x 22 x 3 x 23 x 3 x 23 x 4 x 2
No connection kitGo Up with runGo with runGo no runCube with RunPro with Run

Choose Your Height

The Omlet Walk in Chicken Runs are available in two great heights. The Hi-Rise version is perfect for walking right into the run. At 6' 8"/2m high you can interact more with your chickens, clean the run or refill the water and food containers more easily.

The Lo-Rise version gives your chickens lots of extra space in footprint and height at 3'9"/1m. The Lo-Rise can be upgraded at a later date to a Hi-Rise version.

A Secure Chicken Run

Our Walk In Chicken runs are not just a great way to give your hens more space, but also a  great way to give them a very secure area where they don't have to worry about predators (or other pets) getting inside. Using heavy welded steel wire, strong support poles,  the anti-digging skirt and secure locks, your chickens will stay safe and secure.

The door lock securely falls into the lock position just using gravity so you won't have to worry about sliding the bolt across like in a typical lock.

The Walk In Runs use the same heavy steel wire mesh that the Eglu series of runs are made of and are supported with very strong steel poles to stop predators from gaining access.

No more getting locked inside with the chickens! The lock can be operated from  inside as well.

The Walk In Chicken Run incorporates the same anti-tunnel skirt as the Eglu runs that stop predators for digging their way in.

Connect Your Coop

Your Walk In Chicken Run can be connected to your Eglu Pro, Cube, Go Up or Go chicken coop with the addition of a connection kit. Be sure to select the connection kit that is right for your coop.

Alternately, you can build your Walk In Chicken Run around your coop. The Pro, Cube and Go Up fit inside the Hi-Rise while the Go fits inside both heights of run.

Stable Door

Your Hi-Rise Walk In Chicken Run comes with a stable-style double door. Equipped with top and bottom doors that operate independently, you can open the top to throw in some treats without your chickens making a run for it. The Lo-Rise has a single door, but it is very large, making it easy to access your chickens.

Weather Protection Covers

There are a wide range of weather protection covers available for your Walk In Chicken Run. Choose from solid heavy duty covers for wind protection in winter or to offer shade in the heat of summer. To keep you chickens dry on rainy days, our clear covers are ideal while still allowing light in. Covers can be mixed and matched to create combinations that work best for your chickens. Click here to see our selection of covers.

Extend Your Walk In Chicken Run

Our Walk In Chicken Runs are modular and can be extended at a later date by purchasing additional sections and parts. If you start with a Lo-Rise, you can extend it to a Hi-Rise. If you want to change the footprint of your run, sections can easily be added at any time.

Shipping & Assembly

Your Walk In Chicken Run is in stock and will ship within 48hrs from our warehouse in Kingston, ON.  We use couriers like CanPar and UPS to get your order to you very quickly so you can get your chickens in to their new home.  Shipping is FREE across Canada. If you'd prefect, contact us and you can pick it up.

Your run will arrive to your door flat-packed in boxes. Assembly is very easy and only requires one screwdriver. The easy-to-follow instruction booklet outlines each step in detail. If you prefer video, we have instructional videos to follow along with as well, click here.

If at any point you're stuck with assembly, we're only a quick email or phone call away.