With the colder weather moving in, your chicken or rabbit's water will start to freeze. Unless you can go out multiple times each day to chip out the ice and refill with fresh water, you'll need a way to keep the water liquid. For chickens and other poultry, remember to never leave water or feed in your coop. It creates a dirty environment, it keeps your chickens from enjoying time outside the coop and the build up of moisture can be detrimental the their lung health.

Solutions for chickens and poultry

K&H Waterer Deicer (fits Omlet Waterers)
K&H Waterer Deicer (fits Omlet Waterers)K&H Waterer Deicer (fits Omlet Waterers)K&H Waterer Deicer (fits Omlet Waterers)

K&H Waterer Deicer for Omlet Waterers

Stop your chickens waterers from freezing solid this winter. This K&H Deicer fits perfectly in both the Eglu Cube Waterer and The Eglu Go/Go Up Waterers.

No need to buy an extra heated waterer for the winter time. Drop into your waterer and plug the deicer into an extension cord.

The thermostat will make sure water stays liquid even on the coldest days. Using only 50 watts, it's super energy efficient!

When cleaning, give the deicer a light scrub and rinse under cool water. Remove from your waterer once the winter is over.

3 Gallon Heated Poultry Waterer

3 Gallon Heated Poultry Waterer

Provide your poultry fresh water all winter long with this heated poultry fount. Keeps water ice-free in the winter, but can used year round, too, since the cord can be wrapped and stored underneath the unit. The patented design features two separate circuits and thermostats. The unit is divided into two zones: the drinking trough and reservoir, so that only the section needing heat is activated. This ensures ice-free water and maximum efficiency. The sturdy metal handle can be locked upright to prevent chickens from roosting. The easy-to-fill design makes caring for your chickens simple. 3-gallon capacity. And the long 10-foot cord easily plugs into overhead outlets.

• Three gallon water capacity in reservoir
• Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary
• Easy fill from bottom
• Designed to hang
• Ideal for year round use
• Guaranteed for one year

Solutions for small rabbit & small animal

Keep your pet's drinking water ice-free with this 1-quart heated cage bowl. It's thermostatically controlled for efficient operation and ice-free water, even in sub-zero temperatures. Durable stainless steel construction. Attaches to most hutches, crates, cages and fences with included mounting ring. May also be used at ground level as a heated pet bowl. 6-foot cord with anti-chew protector. 25 Watts, 120 Volts, 60 Hz. cULus listed. LOCKNDRY compatible.

• Keeps drinking water ice-free

• Thermostatically controlled

• Attaches to crate or fence with included mounting ring

• Durable stainless steel construction

• cULus Listed. 6' anti-chew cord