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FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.

Omlet Go Hutches

Get your Eglu Hutch today!

Happy Rabbit

The Perfect Home

The Eglu Go Hutch is ideal for your rabbits or guinea pigs. Perfectly suited to 2 bunnies or 3 guinea pigs, your pets will have the option of two different areas to live and play in.

The hutch offers a warm dry area for eating, sleeping and relaxing.  The run allows your rabbits or guinea pigs to spend time outside on grass in the fresh air.  Now they'll have their own house with a private fenced in yard!

Happy Guinea Pig!

Spend more time with your pets, less time cleaning

Cleaning your Eglu Go Hutch couldn't be easier. Just a few minutes will keep your pets happy, clean and smelling fresh. The smooth plastic of the hutch is easy to clean with a quick wipe of a cloth or spray with the hose. The hutch tray slides out for easy changing of bedding.

Hutch Cleaning

Cozy in the winter, but cool in the summer

The Eglu Go Hutch uses a  twin-walled insulation system to keep your pets warm in the winter by trapping a pocket of air in the walls like double glaze windows in your house.

The draft-free ventilation allows fresh air to flow in overhead while not blowing on your pets. This keeps your pets fresh and cool in the summer months.

Innovative ventilation
Keeping warm in winter

Lots of great features!

Easy open backdoor

Access the food, water and hay with the easy to open door on the back of the hutch. Door securely locks with a twist of the knob.

Pull out bedding tray

The bedding tray pulls out for easy clean up and changing. Simply dump tray in your compost and refill with fresh bedding.

Easy to open hutch door

The hutch door leading to the run can be conveniently closed from on top with a lift and turn of a handle.

Happy rabbits

Keep pets in and predators out!

Choose a 1m run, great for guinea pigs or our larger 2m run, ideal for your rabbits. Both size runs are made of strong welded steel wire that even the strongest raccoon can't break. The green wire blends in with the rest of your garden and extends underneath the run to prevent rabbits digging out and predators digging in.

The spacious runs give your pets plenty of space to run around in. The extra height of the run lets your rabbits stretch up high on their hind legs.

Flat ground is the best place to set up your run to keep your pets in. On uneven ground we recommend pegging the floor down for extra security.

Lots of great extras are included for free!

Includes hayrack and waterer

The included hayrack and 600ml water bottle hang on the inside of the back door.

Includes stainless food bowl

The included stainless food bowl is great for your pets favourite dry food or vegetables.

Includes an all weather shade

We carry a range of covers for the Eglu Hutch (Hutch does not come with a cover).

Your pets will be happy, and so will you!

The Eglu Go Hutch is quite possibly the easiest way to raise rabbits or guinea pigs.

You'll be happy with great features like the easy to clean hutch,  easy access doors on the hutch and run, as well as the high quality and durability of the components.

Your pets will be happy with their cozy hutch and their outdoor play space. The sun on their fur, grass under foot and room to stretch out!

Mesh door to handle your pets

Omlet Go Hutch 2m Specs

Eglu Go Hutch 2m Run Specs

Suitable for two medium sized rabbits


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Polyethylene

Run: Fully Coated Welded Steel Mesh 

Ships in two boxes:

House: 74cm x 41cm x 81cm (20kg) Run: 70cm x 24cm x 96cm (15kg)

House available in purple or green

Hutch does not come with a cover.

Assembly is easy!

Assembly of your new hutch and run is very easy and only requires a screwdriver. Included with you purchase is a step-by-step instruction booklet.

To make it even easier you can follow along with the online instructional video.

If you're still stumped, contact us and we'll be happy to help with any questions.

Give your rabbits or guinea pigs the home they've always wanted!