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Easily give your chickens more outside space while keeping them from wandering. Fencing is available in four lengths, 12m, 21m, 32m & 42m and each package includes everything you need to get set up!

Omlet Chicken Fencing Free Ranging Chickens

Free-ranging chickens

Using our fencing kits you can easily set up a safe area for your chickens to stretch their wings and free-range. Your chickens will love foraging for bugs, greens and seeds. You'll find that their new eating habits will cut down on feed consumption as they are helping themselves to fresh food they peck off the ground. In return they'll fertilize as they go!

Garden pests

Have a problem with grubs in your grass? Japanese Beetles on your plants? Your free-ranging chickens can help you with that! Just be careful, your chickens might also peck your roses while eating the beetles!

Free-range chicken foraging for food

Easy to set up

Top of chicken fencing pole

Getting your new area ready for your chickens is simple! Your fencing will arrived rolled with all of the hardware required. Each pole has a double spike that can be pushed into the ground by foot and the top of each pole has a cap to secure the top of the fence.

Use the guy lines for extra tension on the poles and pegs to hold down the fence to keep your chickens from passing underneath

Built in gate

Each fence kits come with a built in gate. The gate latches securely to keep your chickens where they should be. 

Simply unclip the gate pole and swing  it open. The clips on the gate pole are bright green to help you distinguish where the gate is along your fencing.

Additional gate kits are available to create additional opening along the length of your fence.

Omlet Chicken Fencing height comparison

The perfect height

Unlike other poultry fencing, our fencing is 1.25m/4' 1" tall making it the perfect height for keeping your chickens in. 

Great for any size chicken

The upper openings on the fencing measure 10cm/4" across, while the lower opens are even smaller at 5cm/2" across. The smaller openings at the bottom will keep petite bantam chicken from squeezing through to the other side.

PLEASE NOTE - This netting is intended as a means of keeping your chickens in a contained area. It is not predator proof and cannot be electrified.

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