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FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.

Omlet Eglu Go

Give your chickens the coop they've always wanted! This beautifully design coop will look great in your garden with a flock of laying hens. It comes with everything you need to start your backyard flock, just add feed and chickens!

Omlet Eglu Go Chicken Coop

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Leaves our warehouse within 48hrs 

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Easy to clean coop

Aside from eggs, there is one guarantee with chicken keeping: poop! Unlike traditional wooden coops, your Eglu Go is extremely easy to keep clean. The poop falls through the coop floor and collects in the removable droppings tray. The tray can be slid out and dumped into your compost pile. The whole back panel is easily removed to access the  slotted roosting floor and nest box for cleaning and collecting eggs.

As everything is made of durable plastic, you can hose, scrub or pressure wash the entire coop.

We recommend the following cleaning schedule:

Empty tray: once a week (2 minutes) 

Hose down components: once a month (5 minutes)

Pressure wash or scrub clean: twice a year. Once going into winter, and once coming out of winter. (5 minutes)


In Canada, one of the biggest worries for the new chicken keeper is winter time. There's no need to worry with your Eglu Go.  We've tested them for our cold winters!

The double walled design keeps your chickens warm in winter by trapping a pocket of air in the same way that double glazing does on windows.  There's no need to add dangerous heat lamps or lighting in winter to keep your chickens warm.

What makes chickens cold isn't the ambient temperature, it's the wind. Just like wild birds in Canada, your hens will grow in extra warm feathers in anticipation of winter. As long as your chickens are in a draft/wind free environment, their feathers won't part and expose their skin, cooling them down. Your Eglu Go has draft-free ventilation that keeps the air fresh without blowing cold air on your birds. In your run, use our clear covers or tarps to keep the wind and snow off.

To read more on winter, click here for  our article "Chickens in winter?" for more winter tips and information. 

The double walled design and draft-free ventilation not only keeps your chickens warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer months.

The Run

The run on your Eglu Go is made from extremely strong steel welded wire. Unlike traditional "chicken wire", predators find it impossible to  break the wire panels. The wire is coated to protect from rust and the green blends in nicely with your garden.

Too keep out digging predators like foxes, skunks and dogs, the run is connected to a wire skirt that extends out on all sides. Any predator that tries to dig, will be stopped by the skirt.

For added security don't forget to peg down the skirt with our Run Pegs.


Where's the chicken door?

Your chickens enter the coop from the run at the front. The door can be operated from the outside. The door securely stays shut or open by lifting and turning the handle on the top of the coop.

How do I collect the eggs?

Collecting your eggs is easy. Simply open the back of the coop and slide the floor back. The Eglu Go is a great height for children to help with egg collection and coop clean up.

Laying and roosting?

Your chickens will lay their eggs in the nestbox inside the coop. At first your hens may not know to lay their eggs in the nestbox so we suggest some fake eggs and soft bedding like pine shavings to show them where. The floor of the coop doubles as the roosting bar where they sleep at night.

Multiple Door Positions

The run door can be installed on the side or the front of the run. Pick which option works best for you when accessing the feeder and waterer. If you like free ranging, the door can be propped open so your hens can come and go as they please.

Shipping & Assembly

Your Eglu Go is in stock and will ship within 24-48hrs from our warehouse in Kingston.  We use couriers like CanPar and UPS to get your new coop to you very quickly so you can get your chickens in to their new home. 

Your Eglu Go will arrive to your door flat-packed in boxes. Assembly is very easy and only requires one screwdriver. The easy-to-follow instruction booklet outlines each step in detail. If you prefer video, we have instructional videos to follow along with as well, click here.

If at any point you're stuck with assembly, we're only a quick email or phone call away.

What's included?

Each coop comes with everything you need to get your flock started! Just add chickens and feed. 

Inside the box you'll find a waterer and feeder. To maximize run space, both hang on the inside of the run. Hanging them minimizes feed wastage and the water getting dirty.

You'll also receive a package of egg cartons. Each carton holds 4 eggs and are a great size for sharing all the free eggs you'll get from your hens with your family and friends. Instead of a bottle of wine, bring some fresh eggs to your next dinner party. The host will love it!

Eglu Go Dimensions & Material

The Eglu Go is perfect for up to 3 medium sized chickens. When setting up your Eglu Go, you should leave 60cm of space for sliding out the droppings tray.


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilized Plastic 

Run: Fully Coated Welded Steel Mesh 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Al Y. (British Columbia)
Love the new Eglu Go coop!

I think our new coop is perfect, so easy to clean. It was money well spent, in my humble opinion. The new coop was a cinch to put together - done in less than an hour. Seems to be very high quality. Got it for our rooster, Rusty, who is separated from the hens for over-mating roughness. So far at night he prefers to roost on the deck outside the door of the coop, but when the hens went in to check out the new coop they went right inside and gave it some very approving clucks. The hens have a large wooden custom built coop - so much labour intensive to maintain. Warm enough now at night for Rusty to roost on the little deck in front of the coop but in the colder months I am sure he will appreciate being in his little coop more. We built a nice stand for the coop to raise it up which increases the floor space in Rusty’s secure covered run. He now has a very nice set-up. If I was not using it for my rooster it would be a fantastic chicken infirmary or chicken jail because the hens seem to really like going into the new coop. One of the hens even laid an egg in there while checking it out on the 1st day after we set it up - so I take that as a sign of her approval.