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FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.
FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.

Omlet Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop - FREE shipping across Canada

Your chickens will love the spacious nest box, predator free run and warm double wall construction. You'll love the easy to clean interior, durable construction and beautiful design. The Eglu Cube is quite possibly the best way to keep chickens! Ideal for up to 10 bantam breed hens or 6-8 medium sized hens. The innovative design focuses on what chickens need, not what we think they need. The Cube is changing the way we keep chickens.

Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop

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In Canada, one of the biggest worries for the new chicken keeper is winter time. There's no need to worry with your Eglu Cube, we've tested them in our extreme winters! From northern Quebec and Alberta, more Canadian are realizing how great the Eglu Cube is in our horrible winters.

The double walled design keeps your chickens warm in winter by trapping a pocket of air in the same way that double glazing does on windows.  There's no need to add dangerous heat lamps or lighting in winter to keep your chickens warm.

What makes chickens cold isn't the ambient temperature, it's the wind. Just like wild birds in Canada, your hens will grow in extra warm feathers in anticipation of winter. As long as your chickens are in a draft/wind free environment, their feathers won't part and expose their skin, cooling them down. Your Eglu Cube has draft-free ventilation that keeps the air fresh without blowing cold air on your birds. In your run, use our clear covers or tarps to keep the wind and snow off.

You'll be amazed how happy your chickens are in winter (even if you're not!). We have found from testing the Eglu Cube in Canada for multiple winters that eggs take much longer to freeze than in our old traditional wooden coops. Less frozen eggs means more eggs for your family to enjoy.

To read more on winter, read these useful articles:

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Easy to clean coop

Aside from eggs, there is one guarantee with chicken keeping: poop! Unlike traditional wooden coops, your Eglu Cube is extremely easy to keep clean. The poop falls through the coop floor and collects in the removable droppings tray. By pressing the two hidden finger buttons, the tray can be slid out and dumped into your compost pile. The whole back panel is easily removed to access the  slotted roosting floor which, along with the dividing wall, can be removed for cleaning.

As everything is made of durable plastic, you can hose, scrub or pressure wash the entire coop.

We recommend the following cleaning schedule:

Empty tray: once a week (2 minutes) 

Hose down components: once a month (5 minutes)

Pressure wash or scrub clean: twice a year. Once going into winter, and once coming out of winter. (5 minutes)

Click here to watch a great video of a Cube being cleaned top to bottom.

Moving your coop

If you want to put your chickens on fresh grass every few days, the optional puncture-proof wheels for the Eglu Cube make moving the coop and run a breeze! Simply engage the wheels by pushing down and locking in the foot pedals, then lift the front of the run and pull. Your chickens will happily walk along inside the run as you move it to a new spot.

If you keep your chickens on the same spot, we recommend putting down sand (play or construction works well) in the run. This helps keep things clean and dry. Any poop will mix in with the sand attracting worms for the chickens to eat.

The Run

The run on your Eglu Cube is made from extremely strong steel welded wire. Unlike traditional "chicken wire", predators find it impossible to  break the wire panels. The wire is coated to protect from rust and the green blends in nicely with your garden.

Too keep out digging predators like foxes, skunks and dogs, the run is connected to a wire skirt that extends out on all sides. Any predator that tries to dig, will be stopped by the skirt.

For added security don't forget to peg down the skirt with Omlet Screw Pegs.

Run Access Doors

Your Cube has stable style doors on the end of the run to access your chickens and their food and water. Door pins keep the door securely closed or can be use to prop the door open.  Open just the top door to change their food or water while stopping your chickens from sneaking out the bottom. Open the bottom door when letting your chickens out to free range in the garden.

Fully Expandable Run

If you want to give your chickens some extra space, the run on your Eglu Cube can be expanded in 1m increments. Each 1m sections contains coated steel tubing for support and 3 mesh panels. Extra sections can be added on to your run at any time by removing the front face of the run, adding in the extension, an reattaching the front to the new length of run.


Where do they roost?

At night, chickens sleep by roosting as if they were in a tree holding on to a branch. Your Eglu Cube maximizes space by having a floor that IS the roost bar! This design minimizes fighting for the highest roost (all bars are level) and as chickens do most of their pooping at night, the droppings fall through to the dropping tray for easy clean up.

How do I collect the eggs?

Collecting your eggs is so easy with the egg port on the side of the Cube. Reach in and collect your fresh (sometimes still warm) eggs. If one of your hens is mid-lay, come back later but don't forget to give a quick pat on the back for a job well done.

Where do they lay the eggs?

Your chickens will lay their eggs in the nestbox inside the coop. At first your hens may not know to lay their eggs in the nestbox so we suggest some fake eggsand soft bedding like pine shavings to show them where.

Coop Door Opens From Outside

When it's time to open the door in the morning, or close it at night, there's no fiddling with latches or temperamental mechanisms. Simply lift and turn the knob to open or close the door. The locking pin engages when the knob is pushed down and keeps the door firmly open or closed.

Eglu Cube Dimensions & Material

The Eglu Cube is perfect for 10 bantams, 6-8 medium sized chickens or 4-5 large breed. When setting up your Cube, you should allow 90cm of space at the back of the house to allow the dropping tray to slide out easily and 60cm at the front to allow you to open the run door.


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilized Plastic 

Run: Fully Coated Welded Steel Mesh

Shipping & Assembly

Your Eglu Cube is in stock and will ship within 24-48hrs from our warehouse in Kingston.  We use couriers like CanPar and UPS to get your new coop to you very quickly so you can get your chickens in to their new home.  Shipping is FREE across Canada!

Your Eglu Cube will arrive to your door flat-packed in boxes. Assembly is very easy and only requires one screwdriver. The easy-to-follow instruction booklet outlines each step in detail. If you prefer video, we have instructional videos to follow along with as well, click here.

If at any point you're stuck with assembly, we're only a quick email or phone call away.

What's included?

Each coop comes with everything you need to get your flock started! Just add chickens and feed. 

Inside the box you'll find a waterer and feeder. To maximize run space, both hang on the inside of the run. Hanging them minimizes feed wastage and the water getting dirty. Feed and water should never be placed inside any coop.

You'll also receive a package of egg cartons. Each carton holds 4 eggs and are a great size for sharing all the free eggs you'll get from your hens with your family and friends. Instead of a bottle of wine, bring some fresh eggs to your next dinner party. The host will love it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Betty L. (Nova Scotia)
Contented hens

The 4 chickens are happy and comfortable in their new home. And, most importantly, safe, due to the ground wiring all around the cage.


Pretty easy to assemble, moves easily, very easy to access/clean.

Robin S.

This coop is amazing. So easy to keep clean, and chickens seem quite happy! Being able to wash all surfaces is absolutely the best. Don't have to worry about mites or dirt build up. Worth every penny!