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FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.

Omlet Catios - Outdoor Cat Enclosures

With Omlet’s large outdoor catios all cats can play safely in the fresh air! These customizable, secure and spacious outdoor cat enclosures are quick and easy to install. Give your cats the outdoor space they crave while keeping them from straying and safe from cars. Not only will your cat be happy, but your local bird population will too!

Catios Outdoor Cat Enclosure

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2 x 2 x 12 x 3 x 12 x 2 x 22 x 3 x 23 x 3 x 23 x 4 x 2

Secure Outdoor Cat Run for All Cats

Omlet's Outdoor Catios allow cats of all breeds, ages and abilities to play, exercise and safely experience the great outdoors. All without the worry of them getting lost, caught in traffic or into trouble with the neighbourhood moggies!

With your cats safe and secure in their Catio, local wildlife can rest easy knowing they aren't going to have a run in with your pets. Your cats will love to watch birds visit your garden without being able to get their paws on them.

Give Your Cats Even More Space by Extending at Any Time

The modular design of Omlet’s Catio outdoor cat enclosure means you can create a run that suits your space, and your pets. Starting from a 2x2 run you can extend at any time using easy to add sections. That way you can be sure it will be the perfect outdoor cat enclosure for years to come!

Modern and Discreet Catio With Brilliant Features

The dark green mesh of Omlet’s Outdoor Catio means you don’t have to choose between having a nice looking garden and giving your pets a safe and secure space to enjoy the great outdoors.

Omlet’s large outdoor cat enclosures have been rigorously tried and tested for over ten years to create the safest and most easy to use cat run on the market. For peace of mind, every catio comes with heavy duty steel weld mesh, a highly practical stable style door and clever locks that can’t accidentally be opened.

Keep Cats Warm and Dry All Year Under Tailor Made Run Covers

Omlet’s range of tailored run covers perfectly fit the outdoor cat pen, so that your cat will stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. The clear covers are great for chillier days as they stop wind and rain but let sunlight in, and the heavy duty covers provide essential shade in summer. Or for the best of both worlds, choose a combi cover!

Customize Your Run To Suit You With a Porch

Add an Omlet Cat Run Porch to create a 2-door entry system for added security when bringing your cat in and out.

Adding a Porch to your Omlet Catio means that you have a 2 door security system, ensuring that none of your cats can escape when you are entering or leaving the run. It is made from the steel mesh as the Catio and is the ideal upgrade to your outdoor run setup.

Loved by Thousands of Cat Owners Worldwide

The Outdoor Cat Run has been tried and tested for over ten years, and is loved and trusted by thousands of cats and their owners around the world. The flexibility, stability and safety aspects of the run make it superior to other enclosures on the market.

How Do I Assemble the Omlet Catio?

Follow the clear step-by-step assembly video filmed in real time to make building your cat run a breeze.

Your catio arrives flat packed for easy delivery to your garden, balcony or roof terrace.

The only tool you will need is a screwdriver for the door bolt; the rest of the run is assembled using Omlet’s patented run clips. You can find the instruction manual and videos here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stefanie B. (Ontario)
It's not up yet.

Haven't assembled it yet. Just finished retaining wall and base. Should erect catio in a couple of days. Very excited about it. Freddie, my cat, sits in the the window watching in anticipation. He can taste the freedom.

Jana E. (Alberta)
Love it!

The directions were not perfect. It didn’t exactly show where to put all the clips. But overall it’s a very smart design!