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FREE Shipping across Canada on all orders over $199! Click for details.

Freestanding Chicken Perch

Omlet's Freestanding Chicken Perch gives your chickens the opportunity to get the full free-range experience! Hentertaining, moveable and completely customizable, it's the chicken accessory both humans and hens have been waiting for!

Freestanding Chicken Perch

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Lots of fun for the whole flock!

Take perching to the next level of fun with the Freestanding Chicken Perch! Customize your poultry playground with even more of Omlet’s expertly designed chicken accessories, like chicken peck toys, a chicken swing or the Caddi chicken treat holder.

For a fun feeling of authentic farm flare, you can add a weathervane at the top of the perch station. This comes untreated, so you can paint or varnish it to suit your garden, and you can decide if you want it to spin freely or be tightly secured.

Just don’t expect an accurate weather reading once the chickens have caught wind of it!

Customizable Perching

With the incredibly unique Freestanding Chicken Perch you can create a fantastically fun perching station that will keep your chickens entertained for hours. You'll love watching your chickens climbing to the top of their perching tree to sit on the weathervane, just like a real life sculpture!

Add up to 5 strong eucalyptus perches at any height or orientation, and position the conveniently portable tree wherever your flock desires. With an awesome chicken toy like this, you can be sure your hens will really experience what it means to be free range.

Modern and Discreet Catio With Brilliant Features

With Omlet's chicken perch tree you can create an adventure perch for your chickens, big and small, that will get them clucking with excitement. Here are 5 ways you can use the chicken tree for maximum eggcitement:

• Move perches to create a new course for your hens to discover
• Place perches low to help spring chickens get a grasp
• Create a spiral staircase for your height loving hens to climb up
• Achieve record breaking jumps with high perching positions
• Encourage corn-centric chickens to exercise with treat dishes

Built to last and very sturdy

The strong aluminum pole is secured into your lawn with easy to use screw pegs (included), and the hardy eucalyptus perches fasten with brackets at any height and orientation.

The Freestanding Chicken Perch will be your flock’s favourite playground for years and years to come, with virtually no maintenance needed from you. Just sit back and watch your hens perch away!

Easily move it anywhere in your garden

Perching is no longer restricted to the coop and the run, with this hentertainment accessory your chickens can carry out their important perching needs anywhere and get the full free range experience!

Maybe they enjoy the view from behind the apple tree, or like to keep an eye on your gardening endeavours from the safety of their comfy perches? With the Freestanding Chicken Perch you can easily move their perch station as often as you like to create more intrigue for your hens.

How Do I Assemble the Freestanding Perch?

Follow the clear step-by-step assembly video filmed in real time to make building your perch a breeze.

Your Freestanding Perch arrives flat packed for easy delivery.

Click here to download the product manual.