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Plastic Coops vs Wooden Coops

Plastic Coops vs Wooden Coops

We get asked a lot about what makes a plastic coop like our line of Eglu better than a traditional wood construction coop. Let's look at the differences between the two coop types.


When investing in anything, longevity of a product is very important. You don't want to purchase something two or three times. Buying a poorly made wooden coop you may find yourself replacing it after a few seasons. Better quality wooden coops made with the right materials will last longer before they need maintenance.

Our plastic coops have a very long lifespan! No need to replace your coop after a few years of use. Rain, snow or sun, doesn't deteriorate the UV stabilized plastic. The plastic in our coops isn't the same you find in cheap kids toys or patio sets. Ours were designed to live long lives outside all year round.


Wooden coops need increased maintenance the older they get. Paint peels, wood rots, fasteners loosen and thin galvanized mesh wears through. Every couple of years you may have to repaint or replace wooden parts that have taken a beating from the weather.

The only maintenance you'll have to complete on a plastic coop is cleaning out any poop and dirty bedding, and giving things a good hosing down to get it back in spotless condition.

Pests & Mites

If you get pests like mites in your coop, they can be quite a challenge to get rid off and it may take weeks of regular cleaning and spraying with solutions to control. In wooden coops, mites can find spots to hide away from the spraying and cleaning you're doing to get rid of them. Once you think you have the problem dealt with, they reappear and you have to start again. Mites will hide in corners where sheets of wood meet as well as in knots and grain found in wood and plywood.

With our plastic coops, there aren't any hiding spots for the pests to hide away in. All of the component that make our plastic coops come apart for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Mites don't stand a chance and the problem is quickly dealt with.

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