Omlet Walk-In Chicken Runs

Get closer to your chickens with a Walk-In Run

Get closer to your chickens with an Omlet Walk-In Chicken run.  A great addition to any of the Omlet line of chickens coops. You'll love getting closer to your hens and having an opportunity for more interaction. Give your chickens extra space to play stretch their wings!

Two different heights to chose from:

Lo Rise: 1.16m/3.81ft

Lo rise walk in chicken run

The Lo Rise option gives your chickens 1.16m or 3.81ft of head room. A great option to make accessing your chickens a little easier than with the traditional Omlet runs. 

High Rise: 2.06m/6.76ft

High rise walk in chicken run

For the ultimate chicken experience, try our High Rise option. With a height of over 2m you can walk right in without stooping to spend time with your hens or maintain their space.